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More Eleuthera Bonefishing...

The Lord knows, I am an avid fisherman, but my primary interest has always been freshwater fish -- largemouth bass, smallmouth, trout and walleye. And when I am in the Bahamas, I have so many other things I want to do, and I fish enough as it is at home. But enough psycho babble... If I keep reading these bonefishing articles, I'm going to get hooked. So shoot me for the pun. My wife will shoot me if she sees me packing a rod for our next trip to the Bahamas.

All that said, here's another decent article on bonefishing in Eleuthera.

Kudos to Mr. O'Connor when he says "Hey, what would you think about going down to the Bahamas to do some bonefishing?"

Dude! You had me at "Bahamas"!!

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