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Eleutheria -- Home to Legend Lenny Kravitz

My life is perfect
Because I accept it
as it is
The sunshine is shining
Because it is what it is

What a beautiful feeling it's bringing
All the birds in the sky are singing
Lenny Kravitz

How cool would it be to listen to Lenny jam at the local digs in Gregory Town? You can bet I'm going to inquire as to whether he's gigging while I'm on island. Love this man's style, his attitude, and most of all, his talent for playing the git. Love your stuff, Dude! I make sure the pod has some of your tunes on it before I make the trip.

Best friend and locally famous musician Ralph Butler and I were driving through Pineapple Town one afternoon and came upon a street party right in the middle of town. We could hear the thump of no less than a 1000 watts from the outskirts of town -- and we know our wattage when we hear it. We thought for sure we were going to get lucky and find Mr. Kravitz in the middle of all the blare, but turns out it was a weekend record spin. A cool experience nonetheless.

The home of Kravitz knows how to do it right -- loves stacking speaker boxes 10' high and cranking it up. And unlike many of the Bahamian "boxes" I've heard over the years that sound like there's not much left of the cone in the speaker box, these folks do it right, clean, 60 hertz clear as an earthquake. Ralph and I bummed because we had a date to make and couldn't stop to check out the jam. We still talk about it and vow next time we're stopping no matter.

I've seen L.K. at North Eleuthera airport several times -- tooling around in his jeep either picking up or dropping someone off -- always smiling. God bless you, Lenny! You're living the good life. Somebody's got to do it and you da' right man for the gig because you dig it sincerely.

We're going to give it another chance this trip. My wife and her pal have talked about trying to catch L.K. The girls say they know where he hangs. Scary thought they've done the homework. Think I'll just be in the way?

Now how hip would that be? Oceanside on Eleuthera listening to rock written in the key of freedom?

Yo, Lenny! Hook me up! When's your next gig?


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