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I finally hacked my way through the forest of last year's journey and cultivated some fave photos of Eleuthera. I'm still noodling the panoramics / virtual reality images. A thumbnail of one of the panoramic photos from Bannerman Lighthouse is shown here. There are more panoramic images, some from Bannerman Lighthouse, Double Bay Beach, Kemp's Bay, etc., but I'm not going to publish them all at once. I'm anxious to get a few of these pictures printed onto canvas -- something in the order of 12" x 36".

So now I finally get to reveal my Eleuthera Pictures, Images and Photos gallery. In this batch, you'll find a couple of interesting pictures of Haynes Library. The architecture of this place is very Bahamas and quite magnificent. This is a must-see when visiting Governor's Harbour on Eleuthera. For more info, check out the panoramic picture and content for Haynes Library.

Other favorite pics include a series of photos from Lighthouse Beach. I've already talked too much about this beach. Just look at some more of these images and you'll understand why. What a beach! I don't know how many more years it's going to stay like this before the developers move in, but I don't expect many.

Double Bay beach was one of the more spectacular Eleuthera beaches on the Atlantic side -- particularly at the south end where there is a nice rock outcropping that juts out into the Atlantic.

Poponi Beach had a nice variety of extras to go with the usual composition of an Eleuthera beach. It's unbelievable how many Eleuthera beaches there are. I do everything I can to avoid the typical stock shot of an endless sand beach that butts up directly to a pure blue sky and turqoise water... Boring! Need something more, right? So I'm driven to trying to shoot that perfect Bahamas sunrise picture. High contrast is always the problem with that kind of photo. Too much sun or not enough. But I think I've cured that problem to a reasonable degree now. Take a look at my Sunrise on Eleuthera image and tell me what you think. Sure, it looks easy... But try taking something like that and see what happens.

Would you like a print of any of these pictures? Check out my Eleuthera Bahamas picture prints shop. Help support my better habits, right?

Hope you enjoyed the view. See you on Eleuthera.


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Blogger Leia said...

Hey PJ, I went back to my favorite beach from my first trip... it's part of hidden beach. If you're driving from Hatchet Bay towards Rainbow, you pass the Rainbow Inn sign, and make the left as soon as you pass the sign. Go to the end of the road, and follow it to the right. A little ways down the road, there's a little area you can park on the right. Follow the path down the hill. You'll have to climb down a couple of rocks, and then you reach heaven! Let me know if you get to go :)

Blogger PJ said...

Thanks, Leia. I'll definitely check it out. Love going to those "no name" beaches that aren't on the map.

If it doesn't already have a name, we'll call it "Leia's Beach" and put it on my satellite map of Eleuthera. That's assuming you don't otherwise wish to keep it a secret :-)

Blogger Theresa said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog...coming from you, that's a huge compliment. Your photos are phenomenal!

Blogger Leia said...

PJ, I don't know how else to get ahold of you to thank you for the donation, but I just read my comments and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it!! You should stop by the camp on your next trip down, and check everything out! Thanks again :)


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