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Current Cut Eleuthera

Current Cut EleutheraJust finished creating a few new pages for Current Cut, a popular dive spot just south of Current Settlement. Just past the actual "Cut" is Current Island. Here's a satellite shot of Current Cut. What I enjoyed most about developing these new pages was processing the panoramic photo of Current Cut.

I truly enjoyed visiting the "Cut" and Current Settlement last year, so much so, I am making a point to stay there for several days this next visit. It's so sedate and peaceful. You feel like you've reached the end of the world -- and I didn't want to go back. The Cut was something to see.

This next time around, I'm going to see about visiting Current Island. I've read elsewhere on the net there's some missionary work being done there and I'm curious to see what's going on.

I've also read elsewhere that Current Settlement recently opened their refurbished library -- now mondernized with a high speed Internet connection. From the looks of the article, they did a really nice job and are proud of the results. I look forward to seeing it.

If you visit the area, make it a point to get to the southwest tip of Current Settlement -- just keep driving the only road back there. Study the satellite shot mentioned above and you will see exactly what I'm talking about.

As you get close to the end, you will come upon a large size concrete boat slip, presumably there for safe harbor for boats during a hurricane. You can drive around it and park within a few hundred feet of the point. The point itself has a park like atmosphere and a perfect spot for a picnic lunch! There is some very nice beachfront if you hike north along the western shoreline. Make sure you bring some tennis shoes to navigate some of the rock along the way.

And the large square concrete tower at the back end of the concrete harbor? I'm told that's an old paint testing station. They'd take samples of paint and rotate them past an opening towards the top. Look around and you'll get the idea of how it worked.

Don't miss seeing Current Cut if you visit Eleuthera. You're guaranteed to see some delicious scenery.


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