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Eleuthera Hospitality

Rose Gibson from EleutheraMy friend Rose Gibson serves up fresh hospitality in the kind of authentic Bahamian atmosphere that keeps me coming back for more. It's that perfect combination of good food and that laid back "Eleuthera island time" atmosphere -- all on a gorgeous beachfront setting that makes you want to stay forever. You have the dog, Teddy, the cat, Joey and Miss Rose, the inn keeper and cook who knows both her Bahamian and Gospel tunes. I just love sitting at the dining table and listening to Rose tell stories about Eleuthera and the Bahamas.

Fishing on EleutheraGood friend Ralph Butler joined me on one of my treks to Eleuthera and Northside Inn and we had a blast. Ralph is big on shore fishing and found good fishing right in front of the Inn. Ralph is a pro at being able to use minimal tackle coupled with the right bait. Ralph's trick is to use a "doughnut" and line that he gets from the local tackle and bait shops on Eleuthera. Yo Ralph! It's squid that really works for bait, right? Right... He's not telling... But I can tell you about the nearby fishing tackle and bait shop: it's called "Eleuthera Fish Farm Supplies" and it's on Queen's Highway in Rock Sound, 2 blocks down from the Scotia Bank. Tell them "Ralph" sent you. They won't remember him but what the heck.

Northside Inn Hotel on Eleuthera Northside Inn is a small Eleuthera resort that offers your basic vacation accommodations. Rose has a series of cottages, one of which is a two room and the others are single. The essentials are there: small fridge, little sink, small amount of pantry space, toaster, microwave, small table and chairs, etc.

The best elements are the beautiful location, the cleanliness of the rooms, excellent rates (we're talking beachfront!) and the privilege of staying at Rose's place -- you won't go hungry. I particularly liked the surrounding beaches and there are plenty of photo ops. We're talking fairly reasonable access to all of the South Eleuthera points of interest including famous Lighthouse Beach.

Joey the Cat on EleutheraOkay, so this may not be party central on Eleuthera, but you are certainly welcome to make your own. Ralph and I spent some time playing a ring toss game in the dining room where you swing a ring on a string hung from the ceiling and try to hang it on a hook on the post. Ralph was pretty good -- I sucked. The real winner was Rose's cat Joey. Of course, it's not fair competing with a cat who gets a lot more practice. Perhaps you think this is a little boring at this point, but if I didn't tell you this, you'd be missing the underlying story of how simple life can really be on an island. Who needs PlayStation at this rate? Or is it I'm just that easily entertained? Don't answer that!

Want to read more about Rose and Northside Inn? I did an informal review of Northside Inn Restaurant and an interview with Rose the last time I was down. It's in the Eleuthera Reviews section of my website. Next time you are down on the island, set enough time aside to pay a visit to Rose's Northside Inn Restaurant for lunch or dinner. Pass the conch fritters please!

One other note before I leave. I know my blog posts have been a little sporadic, but it's simply an issue of having enough time. I am going to make an earnest attempt to add new blog material sooner rather than later as I do have more to share in this format. If you get starved for more Eleuthera in the meantime, or just miss my rants, you can check out my Facebook Page on Eleuthera where I share some of my photos. Please join us if you have the chance. Love to hear from other fans of "Elutra!"


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Blogger Theresa said...

Visiting Miss Rose for lunch was the highlight of our trip back in 2008. Glad to see she ( and Teddy & Joey) are well.


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