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Shelling on Eleuthera

Scott Schube writes an interesting article on shelling on Eleuthera called My Eleuthera Experience I'm guessing the article is circa 2000 or so. It mentions Hurricane Floyd which was '99. And the real giveaway was mention of gasoline on Eleuthera being $3.16 a gallon -- the good ole days.

Points of interest were Tarpum Bay and Millar's Beach in south Eleuthera. Scott also mentions a shelling trip close to Governor's Harbor [sic] just south of the airport.

I admire those who are up on all the scientific names of interesting animals or other fascinating objects they love to observe. When I want to impress somebody, I tell them I'm into halieutics and hunting down micropterus salmoides. I used to be able to point to and name over 20 constellations along with a number of major stars -- so easy to enjoy doing while laying on the beach at night. But after you've impressed your wife once with that act, it's time for new material. It's still one of my favorite things to do in the Bahamas.

This is a great place to segway to a little tip on surfing the web -- install Google's Toolbar in Internet Explorer. Once done, you can left-click and highlight a word or phrase (like Cyphoma Gibbosum), then right-click and you should see a selection for "Google search". After you click on that and you are (hopefully) on Google's results page, you can either click on one of the websites found, or in the case of looking up the scientific names for the sea shells Scott was finding on Eleuthera, you can click on Google's "Images" tab and see exactly what he is talking about. A great way to bone up on your sea shells, right? Beats the alternatives, that's for sure.

So when you're sitting on the beach watching the sun go down, hopefully knocking back a cold Kalik, you can impress your friends and say you found some Flamingo Tongues today. I'm not so sure I'd want to say that to my wife though...

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Eleuthera Real Estate in the News...

The Bahamas Real Estate Association wants changes made to the Real Estate Act

Complaints have been made that Bahamian Real Estate agents are being sidestepped on the bigger deals even though there are laws on the books to the contrary.

The article points to $1.53B in sales of "second home, condo hotel and timeshare investments", but doesn't indicate for what period of time. I presume this figure includes home vacation rentals on Eleuthera et al.

"The Minister further encouraged BREA members to enhance sales by encouraging Bahamians to buy a second home in the Bahamas instead of in Orlando or other foreign destination and to encourage fellow Bahamians to invest or reinvest in their own country." Gee... Hmm...

I find mention of Abaco Club on Winding Bay beach of interest. Is this the same Winding Bay on Eleuthera? Sounds more like Abacos. I have never heard of Winding Bay on Abaco, but wouldn't be shocked to hear it exists either.

Other points of interest on Eleuthera include Eleuthera Properties, Governor's Harbour Resort, Powell's Pointe and Windermere -- Valentine's Resort on Harbour Island as well.

As a sidenote, and not that it should matter, I do not own property nor have any investments in the Bahamas. Having traveled there for many years, I have considered purchasing property there, and as such, my interest in Bahamas real estate, be it Eleuthera or any island, is casual. It's always been tempting to buy a piece of the dream, but in the end, I prefer to be mobile.

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More Eleuthera Bonefishing...

The Lord knows, I am an avid fisherman, but my primary interest has always been freshwater fish -- largemouth bass, smallmouth, trout and walleye. And when I am in the Bahamas, I have so many other things I want to do, and I fish enough as it is at home. But enough psycho babble... If I keep reading these bonefishing articles, I'm going to get hooked. So shoot me for the pun. My wife will shoot me if she sees me packing a rod for our next trip to the Bahamas.

All that said, here's another decent article on bonefishing in Eleuthera.

Kudos to Mr. O'Connor when he says "Hey, what would you think about going down to the Bahamas to do some bonefishing?"

Dude! You had me at "Bahamas"!!

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