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Sad Goodbye to Lighthouse Beach on Eleuthera

Lighthouse Beach Eleuthera
I was so very sad to read today's news of the approval for the development of Lightouse Beach by Disney. Lighthouse Beach, also known as Lighthouse Point, is an iconic area located at the southern tip of Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas, approximately a one hour flight from the Florida coast.

Lighthouse Beach is known for it's majestic shorelines and beaches that are completely undeveloped and nearly pristine. It has that rare combination of features that presented a collection of everything the island offers: gray cliffs, caves, pink sand, Atlantic Ocean, quiet coves, and the crowning glory -- the old light house complete with cook's shack behind it.

Much as I hate to say this, the first time I went there I wondered how long it would take for developers to come in and spoil the land. Why? Because it had not been designated as protected area by the Bahamian Government. And now, it's gone. Maybe not physically, but it will never be the same once Disney brings in their giant new cruise ships.

Over the 40+ years I have been visiting the Bahamas Islands, one thing I have seen firsthand is how fragile the eco system is. Countless stories have been written and photos taken of the destruction caused by these types of developments. Some of the most egregious damage has been done to the coral. You can read all sorts of data that's been published on the matter, and they all pretty much say the same thing: 80% of the coral reef is either damaged or dead. I would not be shocked if we saw some of the very worst damage ever when it comes to Lighthouse Point and its complex eco system. I hope I am wrong. Based on history, I am probably right.

Approved: Lighthouse Point Proposal submitted by Disney Cruise Line Island Development Ltd.


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Winding Bay Eleuthera Relaunched

Eleuthera on Facebook I finally got around to completely reworking my photo galleries for my Winding Bay Eleuthera website. A special thanks to my friends at Point o' Vue Vacation Rental who have provided me with their kindness and support over the years. If you are looking for a great rental home on Eleuthera, this may be your place. I always preferred staying in someone's vacation home rather than a vacation rental, and they have just that. Great for families too. I had the pleasure of shooting some of the photos on their website.

Back to Winding Bay, it was one of my most favorite areas to shoot on Eleuthera. Some of the back roads get dicey, but I actually love the idea that I am going to a place that not many get to see. A four wheel drive vehicle is very necessary unless you are willing to hike in and out after a point. I don't recommend this approach unless you are fit and carry in plenty of water.

Check out my photos and see for yourself. These places are so peaceful and serene, it's almost surreal. Such beauty for a place that's so close to the U.S.

If you plan on visiting the area, I suggest taking some print outs of the satellite maps for the area. These will give you a pretty good idea of what you will encounter. You can find these maps on my website page Eleuthera Satellite Maps.



Eleuthera's Fine Threads

Eleuthera's Fine Threads

One of the more common threads to my visits to Eleuthera and Harbour Island is to spend a little time with good friend Fred Neely, known by most on the island as "Fine Threads." Fred is my connection for North Eleuthera car rentals and taxi service. Fred makes for an excellent example of what it means to be an ambassador for one's country. Warm, friendly and always smiling. I can see him one day and then again the following year and it's like no time has lapsed in between. He is the first guy I look for when I exit the airport terminal in North Eleuthera. I know I am back home when he shakes my hand.

When Fred isn't tending to his cabs and cars, he farms the fertile soils of Eleuthera -- like he doesn't have enough to do already. Fred is a true entrepreneur not to mention a minister, a green thumb and a very fine gentleman to boot.

I did a short interview with Fred the last time I was through and thought I'd share it here: Interview with Eleuthera's Fine Threads - Farmer, Taxi Driver and Car Rental Entrepreneur.

I try to avoid making specific recommendations on where to stay and who to see when visiting Eleuthera, but in this case, I can't miss recommending Fred. I am sure you will love him too.

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