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Eleuthera -- It had me smitten...

Jennifer Justus wrote a nice piece about Eleuthera for the Boston Herald called "Paradise Found". I used to have a link for it, but the Courant is stingy with their bandwidth and they took the article off line -- party poops. I'll know not to link to them in the future. No matter -- I can still run with my post..

Ray Harrison says it best "You get up at 7 or 8 in the morning and your footprints are the first in the pink sands." It reminded me of the many times I have walked along an Bahamas out island beach and not seen any footprints; time of day didn't matter. That's one of the big reasons I keep coming back -- I like it when it feels like the first time.

In the article that talks about travel trends and mentions Eleuthera, I read where it's simply not enough to sit on the beach and watch the ocean -- the baby boomers want more: "looking for 'experience' instead of just 'relaxation'." Sounds like a personal problem to me. I must have forgotten to respond to that survey. That or else I flunked baby boomer 101. I don't know these people.

I definately agree with the part about the internet giving travelers more options and power to find what they are looking for. Indeed, I like the "information" part best.

I would like to see more competition from property owners and hotels in the pictures / photos department. There's no excuse not to host a large selection of quality photos thoughtfully put together. Bandwidth and diskspace are so damn cheap these days. What I would like to see are photo albums that segregate thumbnails on themed pages. For example, a page of thumbnails for "town", "inside house", "outside house", "surrounding area", etc. In other words, I want to see what I am likely going to see when I get there. I want a feel for my environment. And if it's not too much to ask, how about using a miniumum of 800 x 600 sized images for the main photos? What the heck, I'll accept 1024 x 768. (Is anyone still using an 800 x 600 monitor? Really?)

In other words, a handful of dinky photos for a $3000-a-week rental doesn't cut it. And when that's all a property owner can offer, I'm supposed to entrust two very expensive weeks of my vacation time with them? Seriously? They either don't get it or they don't want me to get it.

More photos, please!


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