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Eleuthera - Cotton Bay in the news...

I read where Cotton Bay Resort is having a few growing pains -- South Eleuthera Investment Faces Hiccup

Isn't it a rule of life contractors wind up taking more time than originally planned? Couple this with the time honored saying "It's the Bahamas!" and now things get a little more behind. In other words, nobody should be shocked -- island life seems to mandate one just can't be in a hurry. Do I hear an "Amen"?

In the same article, I read about the development woes for Baker's Bay on Guana Cay (photo to the right) -- a place near and dear to my heart. My wife and I were regulars at Dolphin Beach Resort for a number of years. DBR is located somewhere close to the middle of the island. Baker's Bay is on the Northernwest end of the island on the calm side. There used to be a resort there. I've got some scoop on that which I'll save for another day.

The important point is that part of Guana Cay all around the northern tip is gorgeous. The area is somewhat remote, yet not that hard to get to. I have spent quite a few afternoons on that beach in the prime of the season and never saw a sole. It was a ritual to lay under a soft pine tree and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean.

I hope they don't develop that area. I want to go back there again some day. But as we left Guana Cay for islands south years ago, it was because it started to feel like it was getting overdeveloped.

I hope Eleuthera keeps its personality on that note. What I think is most important for any Bahamian island is to keep a good chunk of it as natural and unfettered as possible or risk eventual chaos. There's a limit.


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Blogger Bahama Blogger said...

LOL...I might be on Bakers Bay building a Desalination Plant for six months!! How is the Sea-Beaning there?

Jim Winder

Blogger PJ said...

I don't know, but I expect you will get back to us and let us know, right? We'd like some photos too if you get the chance :-)

Blogger PJ said...

Mr. Reef,

While I might agree with your point, I don't do politics here -- this is a blog.




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