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Winder on Windermere

Or should I call this "Sea-beans Part 2"? Shortly after punching the "Publish Post" button and dropping some e-mail to Paul Mikkelsen et al, I get an update from Jim Winder -- turns out he's a Bahamas beach bum too.

And yes, the new chef at the Club on Windermere Island is cool -- an Italian named Freddie, and according to Jim, his food is choice.

Turns out I have competition for naming the sport of beaning... Jim does "bean brigades"... a phrase he gets to claim by Google standards. I was sort of fond of "Sea-Beaning" but since Jim's found more Sea-Beans than I, which is none, I concede to his being the master blaster of the beans on Eleuthera.

I don't think I can stand hanging with all this celebrity... What's next? Lenny Kravitz inviting me over to jam? I'm there, Dude!


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