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Lighthouse Beach - Bannerman Town

This is one of the pictures of Lighthouse Beach on Eleuthera that is currently on my screen being groomed and noodled for Eleuthera-Map.com. Bannerman Light House is by far one of the better photo ops on Eleuthera. In fact, this was one of the best sunrises I have seen in the Bahamas, or the Caribbean for that matter. Don't hate me for saying this, but I've seen a large pallette of sunrises and sunsets in the Bahamas on quite a few of the Family islands dating back to the 70s. We'd live on a Bahamas island, but who wants to get stuck on one island when there's so many Bahama islands to see?

So check out the shot and tell me... What were the odds of my catching the sun just right against this spectacular cloud group?

My good friend Ralph and I hit Bannerman beach just as the sun was beginning to peek over the ocean. It was a classic "Oh My God!!" moment. And it's not easy to pay more attention to setting up the camera then it is to gape at a panoramic phenomena like this one. I'm sure you pity my dilemma.

Pat Metheny's "The Way Up" was the perfect soundtrack for this shoot. I usually dial up his better tunes on the Nano when I'm in OMG mode.

Thankfully, I had practiced enough 2-minute drills setting up the gear before I went on the trip. It's easy to screw up these kinds of shots if you don't do everything rather perfectly. It's not like you can yell to the sun "take two!"

The original of the panoramic image you see here can easily print to 12" x 36" consisting of 48 different exposures -- a guaranteed "wow" when properly framed. I'll be sure to include this as one of the choices in my Eleuthera picture gallery.

I promise it won't be as long until my next post as I definitely have more coming. Time to show folks some of the better landscape shots of Eleuthera. I have another unprocessed panoramic image / virtual reality photo of Lighthouse Beach and Bannerman Lighthouse that looks like it might blow away this one. If nothing else, I have some more single and triple exposure pictures of Bannerman that I'll be exhibiting shortly.

See you on the beach!


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