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Eleuthera Videos - Surf's Up Dude!

Loved these recent videos of Eleuthera hosted by Nick Guilarte, Lance-O and Lexi. The show is produced under the moniker of "Island Hoppers." A good chunk of the production is dedicated to surfing on Eleuthera; Surfer's Beach near Gregory Town in particular.

Surfers Beach on Island of Eleuthera I managed to make it over to Surfer's Beach recently. Ran into a guy from Germany who was staying over on Harbour Island. He had made the trip to the Bahamas so he could go surfing on Surfer's Beach. Gotta love that spirit of island adventures! Unfortunately, the wind wasn't right and his mission to surf Surfer's Beach was a wipeout.

Given he was an experienced traveling surfer who had been to any number of surf destinations around the world, I asked him whether the surf site Magicweed was any good. I had been linking to the site on my Eleuthera weather page. He dissed the site saying it had been wrong any number of times when he used it. I kind of guessed that might be the case since I know of no active weather station that provides the kind of fresh data they were giving for surfing Eleuthera -- items like current wind speed, etc. If I'm wrong, holler. I've since ditched the link. Happy to link back up to it when someone shows me where and how the data is being collected and distributed.

I did manage to shoot a 360° virtual reality image of the very cool Surfer's Beach shack while I was there and should have it posted on my Eleuthera beaches page soon. I also have a number of photos from the better beaches on Eleuthera that I will soon post.

I was going to try and shoot all the major Eleuthera beaches but have come to find a number of them aren't near as worthy as others and probably shouldn't be suggested unless you plan on being on Eleuthera for months and don't have anything better to do. And I've found other beaches that have been missed. I now pay more attention to what I see on the Eleuthera satellite map and what I'm told by the local Eleutherans than anyone else -- they're the best beachologists.

So if you're planning on going surfing on Eleuthera, be sure to check out Island Hopper's Surfer's Beach video. Cowabunga dude!

Update: Better late than never, right? I finally posted the virtual reality photo I shot of Surfer's Beach Shack. These virtual reality photos are 360° x 180° meaning you can look at the entire scene all the way around from floor to ceiling. Unfortunately, Surfers beach shack was torn apart during one of the tropical storms that visit Eleuthera from time-to-time. A new hut was subsequently built. The new Surfers Beach shack does not have as much personality as the old one, but it is still most definitely a surf shack. Don't miss it next time you're down. Bring your beach bum look with you!


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Blogger gump152 said...

Thanksfor visiting and watching Island Hoppers!

Blogger Jess said...

Hi PJ. I wasn't sure where to respond to your comment you left on my blog. Holiday Beach and Long Bight are both in Gregory Town in North Central Eleuthera.

I will definitely check out the Queen's Baths! Thanks for the suggestion!


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