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Eleuthera Restaurants Mapped

Dining is definitely a high priority for us whenever we travel. We're old school diners. Whenever we visit a restaurant, we want to take our time and savor the atmosphere and the food. Unlike today's culture where the 10 second Big Mac rules, we get perturbed if our food is served too fast. We like to give up our meal order in bits and pieces so we don't wind up on the curb an hour after arrival. The restaurants on Eleuthera, as well as the many other Bahamas restaurants we've visited over the years, cater perfectly to our Greek eating style where dining out is an event, not a chore.

Over the years of checking out the various Eleuthera restaurants, I've recorded the geo locations of these restaurants with my Global Positioning System and now list them on my interactive satellite map of Eleuthera and list them again with their telephone numbers on a new Eleuthera restaurants page.

Along the way, my lovely wife Rose Mary has snapped some fine food photos and scribbled some notes on our dining adventures so we could share a few restaurant reviews with other fans of “Cigatoo.”

If there's one point in particular to share about restaurants in the Bahamas it's about their service. If you're used to using drive-up windows and intercoms, you need to think in terms of shifting into a slower gear. For our friends who flop on the floor from food deprivation within 10 minutes of giving up a food order, we tell them in advance they need to relax -- “This is the Bahamas, Mon! Chill!”

Another element to dining island style is knowing the servers are geared differently than back home. A 15% gratuity is most always built into the bill so it's not like they're worried about getting tipped. In the same token, they're not setting the world on fire trying to get that extra 5%. We've found it's sometimes helpful to drop an extra $5 bill early on if we think we feel the need for speed.

And then there's the element of price. I've seen some reviews where people complain about how much food they get relative to the price, or simply bitch about higher prices in general. For them, I say let's get real, folks. You're on a freakin' island where everything has to be shipped in by boat or grown / raised on the island. It's a real challenge for the islanders to keep the right foods fresh and in stock to satisfy our whims. It's not like a refrigerated tractor trailer pulls up every Tuesday to drop off a load of tomatoes.

With this in mind, it's highly recommended to call in advance, even days in advance, to be sure your choice for a restaurant on Eleuthera is going to be open and will meet your expectations. We usually ask if there are any specials, sample a price or two, and sometimes ask whether a particular dish we like is going to be available. Some examples of this would be conch, lobster and fish. On occasion, we've asked the restaurant to set aside some delectable we want when we make our reservation. The restaurants appreciate this too since it helps them with preparing their daily grocery list.

While I'm at it, I'll throw in a recommendation for our fave Eleuthera restaurant DolceVita at Runaway Bay near Palmetto Point. We love this place, the food and the owners, Paolo and Flipper. Talk about yummo food! Just thinking about this place makes me gain weight! Rose Mary enjoyed the place so much, she wrote a restaurant review for DolceVita.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention a few others like Mate and Jenny's in South Palmetto, known for their pizzas, and Captain Jack's near North Palmetto, known for their Louisiana style cooking and their excellent view of one of the better Eleuthera beaches. In fact, one of my more favorite Eleuthera photos is from there.

Are there more restaurants than the ones I listed? Of course! Just ask around when you get there. The islanders are very friendly people. Have a suggestion of your own? Just drop it into the comment box.

Bon Appetit!


Bahamas Eleuthera
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Blogger CookFamily said...

Take-out pizza from Mate & Jenny's, Pricey, yet excellent food at Tippy's (always order a special), and Sunday BBQ or regular fare at Captain Jack's. Excellent food, great service, fond memories.

Blogger Maniacal Mom said...

LOVE ELEUTHERA!1 I thought the Grouper at Sunset Inn was perfect! Fries at Tippy's were better but the Grouper was somewhat "minced". If you are super hungry or want to get a "snack" for the next day, it's a good idea to get two meals at Anchor Bay fish fry on Friday night. The chicken is excellent and the conch fritters are GREAT! The homeade bread at Farmer's market will be gone very quickly too! & PJ offers good advice....you are on island time - Relax and go with the flow...not an island for those in a hurry. Mahalo


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