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Island Music In The Key of Eleuthera :: Dr. Seabreeze

Dr. Seabreeze is yet another reason why Eleuthera is for everyone, especially those who love island music. And Dr. Seabreeze makes Eleuthera proud when it comes to being one of the leading entertainers on the island. Doc plays the real McCoy when it comes to island music: soca!

How "real" you ask? All you have to do is take a cruise through his archives of recorded music and read the names of the tracks: Brown Skinned Gal, Jamaican Farewell, Gin nd Coconut Water, Man Smart/Woman Smarter, and many more.

I had the pleasure of running into the amicable Doctor (real name Cebric Bethel; cousin of Clyde Bethel of famous Island Farm Eleuthera) during a stop at Elvina's. All I can say is what a nice guy! Visiting with the locals from Eleuthera, like Cebric, can make the whole trip worth a million bucks. He was kind enough to grant me an interview and play a few island songs for my microrecorder which I share with you on my Eleuthera website. Click on over and check out the links to my recordings on my Dr. Seabreeze Music and Interview pages.

So if you're looking for the cure for the blues and feeling a hankering for a warm sea breeze, take the trip down to the island -- the Doctor is in! You'll recognize his music... it's done in the key of Eleuthera, the key of freedom.

Love you, Doc!


p.s. Know any other famous local entertainers from Eleuthera (besides Lenny Kravitz, of course)? Leave a comment.

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