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Elvinas :: Eleuthera :: Famous Bahamas Bar

Elvinas EleutheraElvina's Bar and Restaurant on Eleuthera is one of those unique travel destinations you never forget. As with any number of the more popular bars I've been to throughout the Bahamas, the unique ones have some common characteristics; one of the prominent being who of the rich and famous has patronized the place and who has entertained there. Elvina's fits this M.O. to a Tee.

Every Tuesday and Friday night, Elvinas has "open mike" night. The stage is typically occupied by a variety of local musicians, many that are quite good, and some who are infamous to the locals and the "sometime locals" of Eleuthera. I don't have any names to drop, no offense to those that perform there -- I'm horrible with names. But I can remember when I've had a good time and I've been to enough live concerts to have some say about whether the music was good... maybe.

I do know every time I visit Eleuthera, I check to see if Lenny Kravitz is on the island, and if so, if he's gigging at Elvinas. I can only imagine what an experience it was for those who were lucky enough to be at Elvinas when Mr. K. decided to drop in for an impromtu jam session. Just had to be special -- especially if you like his music.

To put it another way, I'd have to turn the plane around enroute to Eleuthera if I couldn't find Lenny's "5" disk on my Nano. Something about those tunes match the ambiance of the island... just sounds like "island". Fave tunes? "Thinking of You" and "If You Can't Say No". And don't forget "Eleutheria" from his "Are You Gonna Go My Way?" CD.

I've spent several or so evenings in Elvinas and thoroughly enjoyed myself. One of the best attributes of "famous Bahamas' bars" is the people that visit them; they come from all over the world, and many of them have been to a number of the other Bahama islands. You can spend mucho hours with these folks talking island travel. And then you mix in the semi-famous locals and you have a very spicy crew very capable and ready to P-A-R-T-Y.

Okay, so I never got to see Lenny Kravitz, at least not yet. But the least I could do was memorialize Elvinas in a virtual reality photo and share it with you all so you could see what a famous Bahamas' bar looks like.

Elvinas EleutheraI dropped in on Elvina's in Gregory Town one afternoon as I was headed towards Palmetto Point after having stayed in Lower Bogue and Current Settlement for so many days. The place was empty with exception to Elvina and "Chicken Ed" being there. Elvina was doing chores around the bar while Ed was dutifully sleeping off last night's entertainment on the stage. What a perfect composition! A year later, I had the opportunity of showing Elvina and Ed the virtual reality photo and they thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is dedicated to all you Eleuthera, Elvinas, Lenny Kravitz and Famous Bahamas' Bars fans and junkies:

Elvinas Eleuthera Virtual Reality Photo

Yo, Lenny! Missed seeing you.


P.S. Check out my other blog entry on Lenny Kravitz -- if you're so inclined.

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Blogger PJ said...

I received this link for some photos taken at Elvinas when Lenny Kravitz was playing there -- taken by Bill Furry of North Eleuthera. Thanks Bill!

Lenny Kravitz and friends jam at Elvinas

Anonymous Rosalyn Palmer said...

Love Elvinas. Lived in Eleuthera for two years and only then visited when I returned to stay with my good friend Elma Taylor. She took me there. We danced and drank Jack Daniels - I love Eleuthera and this was one the best nights out I ever had there. Great blog.


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